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Carboweld 11P

  • Sustainable Zinc shop primer, self-curing silicate ethyl type.
  • Zinc in paste form.
  • The intrinsic properties of Carboweld 11 P makes this product easily sprayable at DFT range from 12 µm-25µm with no add up of thiner.
  • Corrosion protection even at low DFT exeeds 12 months.
  • CARBOWELD 11 P is compatible with all welding, cutting and forming process where primer do not need to be removed.
  • CARBOWELD 11P is certified for ballast tank regulation IMO/PSPC and cross-tested certified by all major paint companies.

Primer SP

  • Epoxy Shop primer with amine adduct.
  • Primer for immersed or non immersed steel structures.
  • Suitable for LNG immersion.
  • MSP and Gaz de France carried out a joint investigation and certification of the compatibility and performance of the PRIMER SP when applied on 9% Ni steel plate and immersed in LNG (at a temperature of -163°C).
  • Primer SP is specified and used in the construction of LNG storage tanks.

Carboguard 193P

  • Epoxy polyamide primer.
  • Primer for non-immersed steel, etched primer for light metals and old coats of epoxy paints.
  • Carboguard 193P is approved by GTT for the CS1 technology.
  • The application of this technology at Chantiers de l'Atlantique (France) was a world first.